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The deliciously smooth texture of our ice cream is made possible by using only the best quality locally-sourced milk. That’s why supporting Cornish farmers and producers is really important to us.

The multi award-winning team at Trewithen Dairy uses Cornish milk to craft a range of dairy products, and has been supplying our milk from the outset. Trewithen’s owner Bill Clarke convinced our founder Andrew Treleaven to buy the ice cream company back in 2002, and we’ve been working together ever since. Our factory is just a few miles from Trewithen Dairy so we know the milk will always be as fresh as possible.

Our neighbours at Trekillick Farm are one of Trewithen’s select milk suppliers. Cornwall’s mild climate is perfect for farming dairy cows; the warm, and often wet, weather produces fantastic grass. The cows can stay out in the open for more of the year, using the grass as their main source of food, rather than having to rely on winter forages.

Trewithen Dairy

Bill and Rachel Clarke established Trewithen Dairy at Greymare Farm in Cornwall’s Glynn Valley in 1994. Now Cornwall and Devon’s largest bottler of milk, Trewithen was originally run both as a farm and a dairy. The business expanded rapidly and, in 2001, Trewithen turned its full attention to processing.

The dairy is still very much a family business with Bill and Rachel’s sons, Francis and George, managing its day-to-day running. Trewithen’s milk comes from 25 farms all based within a 25 mile radius of Bodmin, guaranteeing its quality and freshness. Each of its farming partners has been hand-picked by Bill and Rachel, and demonstrate high standards of welfare for their animals. Happy cows produce better milk.


Trekillick Farm

Trekillick Farm began producing milk in 1965 from a small herd of 60 dairy cows. Now run by Colin and Pauline Dyer, and their son Mike – the fourth generation of the family – the farm looks after 300 pedigree Jersey cows and has been supplying Trewithen Dairy since 2010. The breed is renowned for producing the creamiest and best-tasting milk in the UK.

The Dyers also farm 700 acres of arable land to grow crops, some of which are used to feed their livestock. Cornwall’s wet and warm climate ensures there’s always a good amount of high quality pasture. The animals (and people) at Trekillick also benefit from being able to drink natural spring water sourced on the farm.  This means that Trekillick can be largely self-sufficient.

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