Equally, at Treleavens we understand that this time of year can bring unprecedented numbers of restaurant bookings, quick turnarounds and high expectations when it comes to the finest of Christmas flavours. If you are a chef in need of some inspiration, we have created a ready-to-make bank of Christmas dessert recipes that we have loved in the festive lead up so far this year, all incorporating our seasonal ice cream guaranteed to add an extra layer of luxury to your menu. At Treleavens, we only take three days out of our standard delivery schedule over the break (25th, 26th and 1st Jan), get in touch if you need us to put that cherry atop your Christmas menu.

Mulled wine baked or poached fruit with Treleavens dairy free cinnamon ice cream

Nothing says Christmas more than mulled wine and when you pair it with our dairy free cinnamon ice cream, the seasonal treat becomes truly irresistible. Not only does it balance out the richness of the compote but it permeates the dish with a sweet yet subtle seasonal flavour, bringing the underlying Christmas spices to life. For those following a dairy free diet, we can’t think of a better dessert to indulge in!

Poached fruit

Christmas bombe with Treleavens black forest gateau ice cream

This dessert is a real showstopper, both looking and tasting beautiful, especially in collaboration with our black forest gateau ice cream. No matter how you choose to flavour this dessert, whether it’s indulgently chocolatey, full of fruit, or booze-infused, the tart cherry cuts through the cakey richness, giving it a classically wintry flavour. A delightful dessert designed for the most magical of Christmas menus, a Christmas bombe with Treleavens black forest gateau is bound to impress all who order it.

Hot mince pies with Treleavens traditional Cornish clotted cream ice cream

At Treleavens we believe we do the basics brilliantly, traditional Cornish vanilla included. While this has the potential to elevate any dessert, it goes particularly well with mince pies, a staple of any Christmas menu. Combining beautifully creamy flavours with the silky-smooth texture of our artisan ice cream means there is no better complement for the traditional dessert that we know is taking over eateries at this time of year. Serve as a snack with a steaming glass of mulled wine or as a course in its own right by piling a plate high, dusting with icing sugar and topping with our clotted cream ice cream.

Mince pie - Christmas dessert recipes

Chocolate ganache with Treleavens butterscotch and pecan ice cream

Our indulgent butterscotch and pecan ice cream adds an extra element of indulgence to chocolate ganache without overpowering it with sweetness. The richness of the chocolate only highlights the delicate butterscotch flavour with pecan undertones for a slightly nutty yet undeniably sweet treat to conclude your Christmas menu.

Warming plum crumble with Treleavens ginger cinnamon crunch ice cream

A true winter warmer designed to nourish and indulge diners, plum crumble with our ginger cinnamon ice cream promises a sumptuously sweet dessert that is guaranteed to fly off your Christmas menu. Pairing piping hot and sweet plum with the creamy coolness of our ginger cinnamon crunch ice cream creates a delicious fusion of flavours that slowly melt together and only get better as you keep eating.

Christmas dessert recipes

Christmas pudding with Treleavens stem ginger ice cream

Combining the traditional Christmas day treat with our stem ginger ice cream is the perfect way to make the most of this seasonal pudding on your menu this December. Our stem ginger ice cream brings out the deliciously zesty orange and hints of ginger in the pudding while creating a delicious cooling contrast to the steaming dessert. Every spoonful is incredibly indulgent and the pairing couldn’t be any more festive if it tried.

If you would like to incorporate our expansive range of luxuriously creamy flavours into your portfolio of deliciously festive desserts this year, simply get in touch with Amy who would be more than happy to help you with all of your ice cream needs. We pride ourselves on creating only the highest quality ice cream, showcasing the best of innovative and classic flavours guaranteed to elevate your Christmas menu.

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